The 2- Stroke engine vs 4- stroke Engine

2 stroke vs 4 stroke

There is always a dilemma  regarding these engines , one has the power and acceleration to make you feel that you are on  a rollercoaster ride every day and on the other hand is the engine which produces power only after every 4 strokes of the piston …..yes I am talking about the 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke engines respectively. These engines have revolutionized the whole market and are completely out of each others genre …both have perks and both have disadvantages.

So my team of motorscoops have taken out time to learn the differences of both these motors and provide a conclusion in simple layman language………….and as always the choice of selecting your engine is up to you …depending on the use or your lifestyle.

Let us start with our discussion, so let me talk about the 4 stroke engine …the  4 stroke engine is the market leader now and has bashed 2 stroke engines out of the market because of their certain major disadvantages to mother earth. Yeah 4 stroke are no less neither when it comes to pollution but comparatively less than the 2 stroke  so diverting back to the topic the four stroke engine is highly complex and has to stroke 4 pistons in order to produce power , engine designs are complicated because of the valve  which is operated by gear and chain mechanism  . 4 Stroke engines are capable of producing more torque but less power. It gives out less power because the power gets delivered once every 2 rotations of the crankshaft. These four stroke engine has lesser RPM due to which the engine does not blow quickly and become more durable/reliable which is good for longer routes. The disadvantage of these engines (4 Stroke) is that they are very heavy in terms of weight and to our wallets too but 4 strokes are more reliable and good for touring purposes and daily use.

Now comes the engine which reminds you of a roller coaster. It is none other than the ferocious 2 stroke engine which has absolute raw power and acceleration. The Two stroke engine is light, fast and less priced. This engine is the personal favourite of all racing enthusiast to be the top priority of a racer, the engine has three qualities which the 4- stroke doesn’t have, 1st the engine is simple in construction due to which mechanics ranging from lesser knowledge or experience till a high-end engineer can solve it easily with less work and even lesser time, by this you might have got an idea these kinds of engine are useful in racing. 2nd reason is that the engine is very powerful, every alternate stroke is a power stroke which gives a significant power boost. Also, the acceleration will be higher & power delivery will be uniform due to the same reason,  now we even have power as well as acceleration which is a major feature a racing engine requires to beat up the opponents on a track.The third reason for Why a 2-stroke ? is that it can be mounted in any relevant position because lubrications are already present in the fuel all you need to take care is that the carb is in an upright position.

Too much of good about the 2 stroke now let’s check on the other side of the coin. 2 stroke engines don’t breathe out air well and that is because the crankshaft rotates just 90-100 degrees which is not sufficient to bring in and throw out air. They also heat up fast and rear out very soon which incur high maintenance. These engines have not completely discarded they are still used in boats and small machines where its USP’s are still honoured, not too much of research was done on this engine because of the entry of four stroke engines which made this probable star to fade its light.



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