Top 10 Automotive television series to watch

Top gear

Here is the list of top 10 Automotive series which every motorhead should watch, the rankings of these series are based on their content related to automobiles and the language used by the host.

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Starting From number 10 on the list is

10.  My Classic Car by Dennis Gage.

My classic car is an American TV series which was aired in 1997 and has over 300 episodes till now and is hosted by Dennis Gage majorly. Dennis visits car shows around North America and visits collectors across the continent and interviews them and showcase their pimped up rides.

9. Street outlaws.

Streetoutlaws +Automobile series

This is a reality TV series where Oklahoma City’s street racers showcase their driving skills and compete against each other to win the title of the ultimate street racer. The Show was aired in 2013 and shows it’s viewers the actual scenarios of street racing.

8. Muscle Car TV


The stars in this series are not actors or any other celebrities the stars are mechanics, painters and auto technicians. These guys restore old cars and bring them back to their glory days .

7. Xtreme 4 X 4

4X4, ATV ,automobile

As the name suggests 4×4, it is quite obvious that it is a show specifically dedicated to all 4×4 vehicles. The episode consists of the two hosts building or modifying vehicles in order to convert them into ravenous off-road beasts capable of handling anything that the elements can throw at them. While the focus of the show is how-to construct  these 4-wheel drive machines, it also updates in the off-road racing world across the United States in such competitions as rock crawling, sand drags, desert racing, mud racing, and trial rides.

6. Chasing Classic Cars


The series is presented by  Wayne Carin, his job as a host is to find out classic cars and help them get back in running conditions and help the owners sell them at auctions . sweet guy!! isnt he ?? Wayne Carin helped an old lady sell her brother’s 1953 Hudson hornet and made the granny get cash for her living.

5. Counting Cars

Hot Rod customization,Choppers

Counting cars is based on a garage know as the Count’s custom which is in  Las Vegas . Danny and Kevin with their crew restore cars of their clients and also buy and sell automobiles. Danny is the self made mechanic and is the creative force behind all the projects and has a creative team who make his vision a reality. The only show which depicts emotion towards automobile , Danny at times gets emotional with cars and bikes . The garage mainly deals with Hot Rods and choppers  for restoration/customization.

4. Wheeler Dealers

restore cars,automobile

Wheeler dealers host Mike Brewer, Edd China,Ant Anstead find cars and re engineer them back to their stock condition and sell them further to new customers with a minimal investment and decent profit. This Show is useful to those who plan to start up business to sell reused cars and even those want to fix their cars with minimal costing.

3. Overhaulin

automobile restoration

Overhaulin’ is a show in which Chip Foose is in the lead , who is an automobile Design expert and  has a dedicated team of mechanics, painters and designers who convert the old and rusty cars into unique custom made vehicles and blow their customers mind.

2. Fast ‘N’ Loud

restoration, automobile

Two guys, one a motor mastermind and the other guy a mechanical prodigy who come together and hunt down automotive classics and restore. Trust me they can convert rust into Ridges.

  1. Top Gear

Top gear

In the beginning of the count down we all knew all that top gear would  be the undisputed champion on the list of the most enjoyable Automotive television series ,well yes your guess is right . Top gear is the daddy in this business and has an outstanding collection of car reviews , you just name it and they have reviewed that car .For those who are unaware about the show the show is a TV program which is aired on BBC were the hosts talk about the latest cars and their specifications and rate the cars on the basis of their performance and also question the manufacturers about the expected performance and features they promise to give.

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